Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

We are open from 15th March to 15th October.

What are the GPS co-ordinates?

North: 43° 10′ 2″
East: 6° 31′ 9″

By what means can I pay the balance?

The balance must be paid no later than 30 days before holiday start day.

You can pay by:

– credit or bank card via the customer area on our website in the. Please indicate the reservation number you were given when you requested your booking.

– sending a cheque through the post to the following address: 208, chemin du Train des Pignes, 83240 Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France

– international bank transfer:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) FR76 1009 6181 0200 0258 7420 232

BIC (Bank Identifier Code) CMCIFRPP

Which methods of payment do you accept on the campsite?

On our campsite we only accept cheques, French holiday vouchers and cash. The closest ATMs are located in the nearby supermarket (Carrefour Market) and in the city centre of Cavalaire.

What is the difference between a Tent / Caravan package and a Comfort package?

The size of the pitches is the same with both packages; differences only concern the included services. The Comfort package includes water, electricity and sewage evacuation but can only be rent on a weekly basis during high season. When choosing the Tent / Caravan package you have the possibility to request electricity for additional 6€ per day. However, we do not take reservations for this package in July and August.

Without a reservation how can I be sure that you still have pitches available on my arrival?

Since reservations are not possible for the packages On Foot, Caravan / Camping and Tent we cannot guarantee vacant pitches on your arrival. However, as departures take place daily in the mornings, vacant pitches are available every morning. The first-come, first-served basis allows our guests to be flexible and to decide shortly for how long they want to stay on the campsite. For both packages, On Foot, Caravan / Camping and Tent, we advise you to arrive when the reception opens from 9 am on.

Which is the best day and what is the best time to arrive?

Since we have arrivals and departures every day, we also have vacant pitches available every morning. Thus there is no day of the week that is best suited for arrival. In order to get a vacant pitch, we advise you to arrive in the morning from 9 am on when the reception opens to get a vacant pitch.

Do you accept ACSI camping cards? To which conditions and to what price? Are reservations possible?

During low season we do accept ACSI camping cards on our campsite. Please consult your ACSI guide for the exact dates. The price is 19€ per night for 2 people including electricity and dog where appropriate. Since ACSI reservations are not possible please contact the reception from 9 am on. The pitches for ACSI card owners are the same ones as for the Car package.

Can I park my vehicle directly on my pitch?

Depending on the disposition of the pitch you can park your vehicle on or close by your pitch.

Do all pitches have water connections

Only pitches of the Comfort package offer a direct water connection. However water connections are placed all over the campsite.

I have made a reservation for a mobile home. Can I set up a tent next to my mobile home?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. But you have the possibility to book a tent pitch.

When can I enter the mobile home the day of my arrival?

Mobile homes can be entered between 3 and 7 pm. In case you arrive earlier you can of course use all the facilities on the campsite: swimming pool, bar, restaurant, … However, please park your vehicle outside the campsite until you were given the keys to your mobile home and the corresponding parking spot.

What do I need to do when I arrive after the reception has closed?

Travelling time in high season can be much longer due to traffic conditions. That is why we can perfectly understand if you arrive later than planned. Please contact us on time by phone or email if you will arrive after reception closure time at 7 pm. By doing this, we can make all the necessary arrangements for receiving you after 7 pm (i. e. after prior agreement until 9:30 pm during high season and until 8:30 during low season).

What do I need to do before my departure from the campsite?

Mobile homes: Please contact the reception within 48 hours before your departure in order to make an appointment for an inventory of the mobile home. One of our employees will meet you at your mobile home at the agreed time for the inventory and handing over of the keys.

Once you have returned the mobile home, you are free to use all the facilities on the campsite for the whole day of departure. However, you must park your vehicle outside the campsite during this time.

Pitches for tents, caravans and camping cars: All pitches must be vacated before 12 pm on day of your departure.

I want to book a cleaning team on the day of my departure.

Please book the option household cleaning simultaneously with your mobile home reservation on our website. As appropriate and upon availability you may also book final cleaning while you are staying on the campsite. The price for final household cleaning is 85€. Please keep in mind that despite having booked cleaning, you are still expected to defrost the freezer, wash up the tableware, fold the blankets and remove any trash or garbage.

Do the mobile homes have television? Is it possible to rent a television on site or can I bring my own one?

Our mobile homes are not equipped with television and we do not offer televisions for rent. (After all, it’s vacation!). If you wish to have television in your mobile home you are free to bring your own television (with a portable antenna or the necessary cable and plug). You also find a television room on the campsite.

Is it possible to rent a baby kit? How much does it cost?

We offer baby kits for rent for 5€ per day. The kit includes a high chair, a baby cot, a bathtub and a potty. You can rent it simultaneously with your reservation on our website or, upon availability, at the reception on the campsite.

Can I rent bed sheets on the campsite?

All of our mobile homes have pillows, blankets and bottom sheets, so all you need to bring is double sheets and pillowcases, as we do not rent them on site. However, we sell disposable double sheets for single and double beds. The beds in the mobile homes have a length of 80 cm respectively 140 cm.

Can I use a barbecue on the campsite? What types of barbecues are allowed?

Only electric and gas barbecues are allowed on the campsite.

Do you offer barbecues for rent? If yes, can I make my reservation in advance?

Once you have arrived on our campsite you can rent a gas barbecue for 10€ per day or 50€ per week. However, we do not accept reservations in advance as our customers already on the campsite are given first priority in using the services and facilities.

Do you offer refrigerators for rent? If yes, can I make my reservation in advance?

Once you have arrived on our campsite you have the possibility to rent a refrigerator with a key. The fridges are located in a separate room in the sanitary block. We do not accept reservations in advance as our customers already on the campsite are given first priority in using the services and facilities.

Do you have WIFI on the campsite? How can I use it?

WIFI is available throughout the campsite and you can use it on your pitch. WIFI access is 8€ per day, 15€ for 3 days and 23€ per week.

Can I rent a car or a bike?

We do not rent vehicles or bicycles on the campsite. But you can rent cars, scooters and bikes at Blue Bikes in the city centre of Cavalaire.

How far is the beach from the campsite? Is it a sand or stone beach?

The beach Bonporteau is about 200 m from the campsite. It is a nice cove with sand beach.

How far is the city centre from the campsite?

The city centre is about 800 m from the campsite. You can get there by foot, by bike using the cycle lanes or by free shuttle bus.

How can I get around the campsite?

A Varlib bus stop is located just below the campsite with bus number 7801 operating between Saint Tropez and Toulon coach station. Otherwise, free shuttle busses that operate daily are stopping at Cavalaires city centre and beaches. Last but not least you can use the cycle lanes.

Is there a supermarket within less than 15 minutes by foot nearby the campsite?

The closest supermarket (Carrefour Market) is about 400 m from the campsite. It is accessible by foot, bike or car.

What are the opening and closing hours of the entry barriers on the campsite

The barriers are active 24/7 so you can enter and exit the barriers at any time. During high season there is also a night security guard. Nevertheless, we ask you to respect the peace and quiet of other customers by taking a responsible attitude.

Is the campsite watched?

During high season the campsite is watched at night by a security guard.

Which activities are offered on the campsite? Do you have a kids’ club?

During high season we offer a music or live entertainment (karaoke, live music concert, dance night, magic show, etc.) twice a week and aqua gym sessions three times a week.

We do not have a kids’ club on the campsite.

Do you accept minors?

Minors are accepted on the campsite with a written consent by their parents only. As described above, we do not make reservations for the packages On Foot and Car during the months of July and August. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that there will be pitches available on your children’s arrival.

Are visitors accepted on the campsite?

Your friends and family are welcome to our campsite. Every visit taking less than 2 hours is free. Longer visits are accepted with payment of 6€ per day for every person 10 years or elder and of 4€ per day for every child under 10 years.

Due to insurance reasons but as well because we give priority to our customers already being on the campsite and want to avoid an overcrowded pool area, visitors are not allowed access to the swimming pool. Nevertheless, the campsite direction reserves the right to refuse access to the properties for any reason.

Are dogs allowed on the campsite?

Yes, you can bring your dog on vacation with you. However dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and they cannot be left alone in the mobile home. Accordingly you are responsible for your dog and must clean up any dog poo and dispose of it. The price for a pet is 5€ per day.

Regarding the surrounding beaches, dogs are usually not allowed to access the beaches. If nevertheless you should take your dog to the beach, keep it on a lead and ensure other holidaymakers are not disturbed.

Which services do you offer on site?

The campsite has a heated swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, a playground, a television room, a playroom, …

Is there a swimming pool on the campsite? Is it heated?

Yes, we have a heated swimming pool with children’s pool for the younger ones.

Is the swimming pool open during the low season?

Our heated swimming pool is open throughout the whole season come rain or shine.

Does the campsite offer shady pitches?

A natural and calm environment is important to us that is why the campsite has lots of trees and the majority of our pitches are shady.

What size are the pitches on the campsite?

The pitches have an average size of 80m².

Does the campsite have his own beach access ?

No, the Campsite is 200m away from the beach and you have to pass through a local road.